FIDF’s IMPACT! Scholarship Programs Benefit Israeli Combat Veterans

IMPACT! Scholarship pic
IMPACT! Scholarship pic
IMPACT! Scholarship

For over 25 years, Jay Zises has served as the chairman of A Cap, Inc., in New York City. In addition to his work at the investment management firm, Jay Zises gives back to the community through his support of organizations such as Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF).

In its efforts to promote the well-being of those who serve in the Israel Defense Forces, FIDF oversees a variety of educational, cultural, and social services programs and activities. For several years, the organization has conducted its IMPACT! Scholarship Program, which provides educational funding for Israeli combat and combat-support personnel.

Through the program, combat soldiers in financial need receive full four-year college scholarships worth $16,000. Those who qualify for an FIDF IMPACT! scholarship must complete 130 volunteer hours each year they are part of the program. The volunteer side of IMPACT! gives scholarship recipients the opportunity to give of themselves to the community and helps support the work of 20 or more organizations throughout Israel.

Since IMPACT! was launched, over 7,000 combat veterans have benefitted from the program. It’s the top community service scholarship program in Israel and sponsors students at over 90 academic institutions across the country. For more information, visit


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