The Peconic Land Trust Protects the Land and Heritage of Long Island

Peconic Land Trust pic
Peconic Land Trust pic
Peconic Land Trust

Since graduating from New York University, Jay Zises has achieved prominence in the finance world, helping to found and invest in Esquire Bank and managing a top-rated hedge fund. Presently, Jay Zises serves as chairman of investment management company A Cap, Inc. He founded the company in 1991 to connect young, high-net-worth individuals with businesses opportunities to invest in. Throughout his professional business career, he has prioritized his commitment to charitable causes such as the Peconic Land Trust.

Founded in 1983, the Peconic Land Trust is a nonprofit organization created to protect the land and rural heritage of Long Island. Through its efforts, the Trust aims to preserve Long Island’s working farms and produce clean water sources, walking trails, and wildlife habitats. To that end, it utilizes innovative techniques to help landowners and farmers maintain their land. Conservation projects currently overseen by the Trust include Bridge Gardens, a public garden bestowed to the Trust; Quail Hill Farm, a community-supported farm that supplies fresh produce to local restaurants; and Shellfisher Preserve, a refurbished shellfish farm that grows clams, scallops, and oysters, which are ultimately sold to local and New York City restaurants.

Many of the Trust’s projects are made possible through generous donations of land and money. For more information, visit


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